The city’s police oversight office is investigating whether a Seattle police officer is connected to a Twitter account that posted offensive tweets including posts that mocked protesters, George Floyd and a local homicide case with a meme.

The Seattle Police Department was tagged in a series of tweets Friday with screenshots of posts by a Twitter user alleging they were written by a current police officer using a false name.

The account in question appeared to be deleted Friday. Screenshots shared Friday show one tweet suggesting the police department “drop napalm” on the CHOP protest zone in June 2020 and another harassing the mother of a Portland anti-fascist activist killed in 2019.

“We share your concern about these tweets and have forwarded this to [the Office of Police Accountability] for review,” SPD replied on Twitter.

OPA spokesperson Anne Bettesworth said the agency became aware of issue Friday and is beginning a preliminary investigation.

According to SPD’s social media policy, employees may be disciplined if they engage in prohibited speech on social media, which includes harassment, threats of violence or posts that expresses bias or disparages one’s race, religion, sex, gender, sexual orientation or nationality.

“The personal use of social media can have bearing on employees in their official capacity as they are held to a high standard by the community,” the policy states.