Sixteen protesters were arrested on Capitol Hill on Saturday night after some in the group shattered windows at a Starbucks on East Olive Way and threw what appeared to be fireworks into the store.

The next morning, the Starbucks had been boarded up and graffitied with a tag reading, “CLOSED DUH.”

Police posted photos early Sunday of spray-painted tags on buildings reading “kill cops” and “save a life, hang a cop.” Video posted on social media also showed what appeared to be a firework exploding near officers on bikes as police moved protesters down East Olive Way.

The demonstration of roughly 100 people began at 7 p.m. at Cal Anderson Park on Capitol Hill, the site of frequent skirmishes between police and protesters in recent months as demonstrators call for racial justice and an end to police brutality. As some in Saturday’s group broke windows of a Starbucks on East Olive Way and threw what appeared to be two fireworks into the building, police in vehicles and on bikes arrived behind the group, according to videos posted online.

Police shoved people from behind as they ordered them to move and used pepper spray.

Those arrested face charges for property destruction, assault, failure to disperse, and rendering criminal assistance, according to police.