On-street parking rates in Seattle business districts are increasing this month. But prices will remain below pre-pandemic levels, according to the Seattle Department of Transportation.

While street parking was free at the start of the pandemic, SDOT has been monitoring demand for parking and has made quarterly adjustments since last summer, said Ethan Bergerson, a spokesperson for SDOT.

“It’s all based on the laws of supply and demand,” he said.

Many neighborhoods have seen higher demand with more Seattleites vaccinated and getting out of their homes, according to SDOT. The increased rates, the agency said, will aid turnover and provide more access to Seattle businesses.

Starting June 1, rates will range between $0.50 and $2.50 per hour. Most areas are increasing by $0.50 or $1, including in parts of 12th Avenue, Belltown, Chinatown International District, Columbia City, Downtown, Denny Triangle, First Hill, Fremont, Green Lake, Pioneer Square, Roosevelt, South Lake Union and the University District.

Chinatown International District will have the most expensive rate at $2.50 per hour in the afternoon, while parking in the Pike-Pine neighborhood will decrease to $0.50 per hour in the evening.


Pre-pandemic, parking rates were up to $5 per hour in certain parking zones.

Private parking lots are not affected by the June changes and street parking will continue to be free on Sundays and certain holidays.

Ideally, parking should be expensive enough so that there are one to two open spots on every block, but not so expensive that nearby businesses are hurt, Bergerson said. Since the pandemic, SDOT has designated several spots for restaurant and retail curbside pick-up.

Check the chart below for more details on rates.

Seattle Parking Rates (starting June 1)

Seattle Department of Transportation