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Recently lost your phone? At least you can find comfort among fellow Seattleites who feel your pain.

Seattle ranks second among U.S. cities where you’re most likely to lose your phone, according to a report by smartphone security company Lookout Labs.

The company crowdsourced its 15 million global users to see where they were using the Lookout app to locate their lost or stolen device. Seattle came in behind Philadelphia, the only other U.S. city where residents lose their cell on average twice a year. (It’s good to note this statistic does not count broken phones, ruling out phones dropped in lakes, toilets or coffee cups.) Oakland, Long Beach and Newark trailed Seattle.

Turns out Seattleites are thrifty when it comes to buying phones. The study estimates the value of phones lost in Seattle in 2011 at $31 million, but the city didn’t make the list of cities with the highest value of lost phones. That top honor went to Atlanta, which lost more than $50 million worth of cellphones last year.

Surprisingly, coffee shops were the most likely place to lose a phone in San Francisco, but not in Seattle, where people are most likely to lose their phone at a fast-food joint. The second most likely place? You may want to check your garage.