Each week, we highlight some of the most interesting or insightful reader comments on recent Seattle Times articles. Excerpts have been lightly edited for spelling, grammar and punctuation.

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Opinion: Is it ‘meat’? Who cares? Demand for plant-based foods overshadows labeling debate

“The conflict also brings up questions about what meat really is, and whether it’s more of an experience or a taste, which plant-based companies have worked hard to replicate. The archaic definition of ‘meat’ simply meant food, and while I tend to think that definition has changed in most people’s minds to meaning the flesh of an animal, some dictionaries still define it as also meaning the edible part of fruit.” — 2TH (June 21)

Danny Westneat: ‘We are in dire straits’: Even Washington’s wealthiest town can’t make our backward tax system work

“Higher property taxes would make our unfair taxing structure even worse for what’s left of the middle class. … The fact that property values are higher here than most other places is irrelevant — primary residences’ values do not produce any income for the owner, and residences here certainly don’t generate more income than such residences elsewhere produce for their owners.” — leekstop (June 22)

“Most of the country’s other households are paying a state income tax. And when I lived briefly in Ohio, I paid a county income tax, too (which went to schools). WA has to get it from somewhere. But I agree that we need an income tax instead, as it’s less regressive.” — user14644067804869 (June 22)

The inside story of MCAS: How Boeing’s 737 MAX system gained power and lost safeguards

“The Boeing Company culture is clearly broken, as revealed with MCAS. The relentless drive for profit and shareholder value in a company that makes products that transport people and defy gravity is appalling. Safety first should be the culture along with engineering excellence and product innovation. You can still make a lot of money selling planes where no corners have been cut.” — user14876044648402 (June 22)


Would you donate part of your living brain to science? This man did.

“Paul Allen gave for the right reasons. Not for profit, not for greed, but to help mankind. I hope that his institute finds breakthrough stuff for those who suffer the rages of dementia and brain disorders. I suspect that Mr. Williams will come through OK. If he is tough enough to do what he has through life, this should be just another chapter in his life. Seattle is blessed to have such good medical care close at hand in the city.” — user14807942932928 (June 23)

Apple says it plans to turn Seattle into ‘key engineering hub’ with 2,000 new workers

“Microsoft and Amazon generate their own gravity. Google, Apple, Salesforce and others have to be here to be relevant. It’s an enviable position to be in — let’s hope the City Council doesn’t screw it up. They can leave just as fast as they can come.” — Hopeful about tomorrow (June 24)

Who will Washington’s next governor be? Uncertainty over Inslee creates pileup of politicians, domino effects down ballot

“Third term? He’s already bailed on his second term, at a high cost to taxpayers so far. If there’s any uncertainty on his part in hanging on to his current office, it’ll be settled when he gets a cushy cabinet job with the winner.” — Mrbrgr (June 24)

After 7-year battle, Lake City neighbors rejoice as Lake Washington dead end becomes a public beach

“I just wish that many decades ago, our city and county ‘fathers’ would have had the foresight to preserve the entire shoreline of Lake Washington (and Lake Sammamish and other urban and suburban lakes) as public parkland. Imagine bike trails and pleasure roads around the lakes featuring views of the water unimpeded by houses. You could still have ‘lakefront property’ for those desiring to showcase their wealth, but it would be on the inland side of the trail and road.” — kwa829 (June 25)

4,500 Expedia employees are coming to Interbay in Seattle. How will the company avoid a traffic mess?

“Thank you businesses for stating again what citizens have been telling the city for years — the cars are coming and we need to plan for them. Even vanpools and car2gos need places to park, so no wonder they expanded their garage!! And they know ‘people will need to drive sometimes’ — a fact our current city council refuses to acknowledge.” — ReadingOne (June 25)

“For current and future residents of Northwest Seattle neighborhoods, it will be great to have another major employment option west of Highway 99 and just north of downtown. The new Expedia campus will be a much more convenient location than commuting to a suburban office park or to South Lake Union for a tech job. No east-west commute, no access to 99 or I-5 needed. … That said, as a Northwest Seattle resident, I don’t relish the increasing congestion on 15th Avenue Northwest, Holman Road, Elliot Avenue and their major cross streets.” — mo2 (June 25)


“I would guess that at least half of the employees designated to move to the new Expedia campus can telecommute, at least part of the time. In fact, probably nearly everyone can work from home at least 1-2 days a week. That alone would cut down on traffic.” — user15467182853258 (June 25)

Coveted 2020 four-star wide receiver Jalen McMillan verbally commits to UW Huskies

“Welcome Jalen, to the DaWgs! Great choice over a lot of scholarship offers. You will be well coached, not only in football, but in life. It’s a great time to be a UW fan.” — gandawgfan (June 25)

Mariners owner John Stanton’s view on the team’s ‘step-back’ plan: Optimistic yet frustrated

“Think of it as tearing down a fixer-upper house and setting an entirely bigger, stronger foundation. Can’t look at wins and losses in 2019. You have to look at how the new foundation is being poured. And that is Crawford, Kelenic, Kukechi, White, Juilo Rodriguez, Kyle Lewis, and a few young pitchers in the minors.” — RegularFan (June 25)

Why cold-brew coffee became cool in coffee-mad Seattle — and how to make your own

“We’ve been doing this for years, mixing the concentrate with water and heating it up. It clearly gives the coffee a different flavor that we prefer. … As to mess, it’s really not that bad, particularly given the fact that you only have to brew about once a week, as opposed to cleaning up daily (or more frequently) with other methods.” — Spike12345 (June 26)

King County seeks to preserve 5,000 acres for parks, open space by the end of 2020

“Thrilled this is a priority — we are just temporary stewards of the environment. So glad we’re preserving for future generations (of all species).” — user1063013 (June 27)

“How about King County commit to holding on to the parks and open spaces we already have, including the four municipal golf courses!” — coffeeDiva (June 27)

“I love the idea of spending money on preserving open space, but I have no confidence in (King County Executive) Dow Constantine’s motives.” — Eastward (June 27)