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We just love it when surveys come out ranking cities best and worst in this and that (not really), and the latest one ranks Seattle as the third best city for … healthy skin.

The survey, conducted for the website Daily Glow, says Seattle made the list because of its “skin welcoming” climate (read that as “no sun”) and its low risk of skin cancer.

Uh, oh.

This is from a story The Times ran in 2006:

The Northwest is famous for its rainy days, but there’s sufficient sun that Washington state ranks first nationally for women and fifth for men in the sun-linked skin cancer malignant melanoma, the Environmental Protection Agency says.

And in 2008, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention ranked Washington state among those states with highest number of skin cancer cases in the country. According to the Washington State Cancer Registry, for the years 2006-2008, King County had the state’s 10th highest rate of melanoma cases per 100,000 people.

Nevertheless, Portland ranked No. 1 because pollution there is low (is that true?) and something about the ozone layer.

Las Vegas was at the bottom of the 55 cities surveyed, but if we lived in Memphis, Tenn., we’d take umbrage at the reason for our rating: “Memphis ranks low on the list due to its physically inactive population.”

Daily Glow calls itself “a leading health and beauty authority providing a smart, fresh perspective on healthy beauty.” We think there are too many mentions of health and beauty in that sentence.

Correction: This post earlier said that the link to the survey at the Daily Glow site was not found. That’s because the link won’t be available until tomorrow, Thursday. (Nick Provenza)