With this strange year of school under way in the Seattle area, the city is bringing back cameras to monitor drivers as they motor past children crossing streets to get to class.

What to do when a school bus flips that red stop sign

Seattle has cameras near 14 schools to enforce the 20 mph speed limit in school zones, and speeders face a $237 fine. The cameras are active when school zone flashing beacons are in use. The flashing beacon schedule for each school is set by the city Department of Transportation, based on when students are expected to arrive and leave school grounds.

The cameras are operating near these schools:

  • Olympic View Elementary
  • Broadview-Thomson K-8
  • Gatewood Elementary
  • Thurgood Marshall Elementary
  • Holy Family Elementary
  • Dearborn Elementary
  • Bailey Gatzert Elementary
  • Eckstein Middle School
  • STEM at Boren
  • Montlake Elementary
  • Mercer Middle School
  • Northgate Elementary
  • Rainier View Elementary