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Sketched in 2007

Did you hear? The “tumbling Ford Tauruses,” a striking installation that has hung in the entrance hall of the Seattle Art Museum since 2007, is coming down.

This recent story by Seattle Times reporter Brendan Kiley brought back memories of sketching the artwork back then, just weeks before the opening of the Museum’s expanded home downtown.

I can see why the time to pack up the installation created by China-born artist Cai Guo-Qiang has come. I found it quite monumental and eye-catching when I first saw it. Any car that is turned into an art piece is good in my book. Remember the one repurposed as a planter on the Mercer Garage P-patch?

But the more I visited the museum years after, the more I tried to avoid walking under “Inopportune: Stage One.” What if one of the Tauruses fell off!

During my visit in 2007, one of the first since moving to the Seattle area the year before, I also sketched a few other pieces of art, including “Mouse and Mann,” by Katharina Fritsch, and “The Shape of Sound,” or, as I like to call it, the screaming kid, by Jason Puccinelli.

The giant mouse is no longer on display, but if you ever saw it live, you’ll recognize it inmediately. Nightmarish, eh?