In a city famous for having more pets than children and consistently ranked among the nation’s best for dog lovers, it is perhaps no surprise that our dog walkers are among the better paid.

The average annual pay for a dog walker in Seattle is $32,666, making pooch patrollers in Seattle the sixth best paid in the country, according to a new study by 365 Pet Insurance.


The study analyzed data by ZIP code to map out where in the country dog walkers have the highest average pay per year.

Findings from the study show the top five cities for dog-walking pay are all in California, with Seattle right behind them.

  • San Francisco, with $35,226
  • Fresno, with $34,089
  • Fremont, with $34,089
  • San Jose, with $33,981
  • Oakland, with $33,656
  • Seattle, with $32,666.

Statewide, Washington dog walkers average just a little over $30,000. Washington is among the only eight states where dog walkers make over $30,000 annually on average, the study found.

  • Massachusetts, with $31,656
  • Hawaii, with $31,203
  • Connecticut, with $30,887
  • Wisconsin, with $30,409
  • Tennessee, with $30,211
  • Washington, with $30,103
  • Minnesota, with $30,095
  • Rhode Island, with $30,028