It may not be the peak of boating season for humans, but it appears to be prime time for a pair of fat sea lions spotted sailing through Eld Inlet near Olympia on a borrowed boat.

A video of the large-and-in-charge sea lions aboard the small vessel was taken by Joshua Phillips and posted on his company’s Instagram page, Spawn Fly Fish, on Tuesday. The company says it’s been viewed more than a million times since.

In an interview with The Olympian newspaper, Phillips said the vessel “looked a little off, and we got closer and closer and realized there were two massive animals on board.”

The Olympian reported that another video, posted on YouTube, showed a third sea lion trying to board and being turned away by the two who were already there. When two enormous sea lions are already dipping one end of the boat dangerously close to the water’s surface, three’s a crowd.

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