The rideshare driver refused to return a passenger’s purse and cellphone — until Seattle police Officer Eric Michl sent him a selfie with his best “disappointed dad” face.

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Here’s a hot social-media tip: When seeking attention, try a selfie with a scowl.

That approach helped Seattle police Officer Eric Michl recover a phone and purse Sunday from a rideshare driver who showed little interest in returning the items left by a passenger, according to a Police Department blotter post.

According to police, a woman approached Michl at about 2 a.m. on Capitol Hill upset after realizing she’d left her belongings in a ride-sharing car. The woman told Michl she had contacted the driver and offered to pay him an extra fare if he returned her belongings, but he refused and demanded more money.

The woman, who was visiting from California, needed her ID to fly out the next day.

Michl gave the driver a call, but only reached his voicemail, police say. He then texted the driver, “informing him he could potentially be arrested and have his car impounded if he didn’t return the woman’s purse.”

Michl included a selfie of himself, in uniform, with a well-crafted disappointed dad face.

The driver high-tailed it back to Capitol Hill and returned the woman’s purse.