It’s a good week for sun-cravers and stargazers alike.

This dry, warm weather should continue throughout the week, with high temperatures in the mid- to upper 70s, said Carly Kovacik, a meteorologist with the National Weather Service in Seattle

And while the sky is unlikely to be perfectly cloudless all week, she said, it’s looking clear enough to make it worth getting up early to catch a glimpse of this year’s Perseid meteor showers.

The annual meteor shower peaked on Tuesday morning but was still expected to be visible and worth viewing on Wednesday and Thursday.

Because the moon is nearly full and so bright in the sky during most of the night, astronomers recommend being up at least an hour before dawn for the best chance to view the spectacle.

According to the American Meteor Society, the Perseids are the most popular meteor shower to watch because they peak on warm August nights in the Northern Hemisphere. recommends waking up “early — very early — about an hour before sunrise, when the moon is low and the shower’s radiant is high in the sky. Forecasters expect dozens of Perseids per hour to streak across the briefly-dark predawn sky.”

The sun rises in Seattle shortly after 6 a.m. this week, and the moon sets around 5 a.m.