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Fog and sun ahead: After a very rainy Friday,today is looking a bit less damp, with a high near 50. Patchy fog and sunshine (do you remember what that looks like?) are expected Sunday and Monday.

White-powder prowler: A man on a bicycle was seen throwing white powder that smelled of fecal matter on The North Face building downtown Friday afternoon. The Seattle Fire Department’s HAZMAT team determined the powder was not hazardous, but the street was shut down for about 90 minutes during the investigation. Eww.

Knife assault in Pioneer Square: Two men were found with non-life-threateningknife wounds at a downtown nightclub early Saturday morning. Police are looking for at least two suspects in the attack.

New Coug swagger: If you haven’t heard that the Cougars erased an 18-point deficit in the fourth quarter and then won the Apple Cup in overtime, you might be living under a rock. And if you’re a Husky football player, you might be hiding under a rock today. The Cougs, on an eight-game losing streak, finished their season with an incredible 31-28 upset over the bowl-bound Huskies.

Greater Seattle’s biggest bead store? Our local news partner Maple Leaf Life reports that Beadworld is reopening this morning at twice its former size. They must stock some really big beads … or really big quantities.

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