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Seattle’s gun buyback event: The buyback is today starting at 9 a.m. and lasting until 3 p.m. in a downtown Seattle parking lot. If you turn in a gun — including hand guns, shotguns and rifles — you’re eligible for a gift certificate up to $100. You can get a certificate up to $200, too. For an assault rifle, of course.

Wet, wet, wet: Hope you like rain. It’s forecast at least through Wednesday, although temperatures will be in the mid-40s. This is likely to put a damper on the gun buyback program, no?

Those old boats: The sinking and listing of two boats in Tacoma yesterday reminds us that there are a lot of derelict vessels in the state. How about some 230 on them. It costs the state a lot of money to deal with them and perhaps that’s why the process is so slow and cumbersome.

‘Superhero’ Phoenix Jones is releasing a new comic book, says KING5. We didn’t even know he had any comic books…

This is just sad and speaks for itselfLynnwood girl, 4, says man hogtied her, shot her 36 times with pellet gun

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