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A 66-year-old man bit a Lacey police officer and knocked another officer to the ground earlier this week. The guy was throwing furniture outside. The cops were called. They went inside. The guy locked  himself in the bathroom. An attempt to Taser him failed. There was a struggle. One officer was bitten on the leg… you know, the usual stuff. The guy’s in the slammer.

Kids faces marked for doing poorly in reading. In southern Idaho, parents are none too happy with a fourth-grade teacher who apparently allowed some students to use permanent markers to draw on the faces of nine other students who failed to meet reading goals. Seriously? The students were given a choice: If you don’t meet the goals, you could miss recess or have yourself marked by other students. The teacher couldn’t be reached for comment.

Wet, wet and wet, all the way to Thanksgiving and beyond. ‘nough said. Weather Service says that’s typical for November.

Enough with the Twinkie story already… If you must read about it, it’s the second most-read story below. Geez.

Worth noting now that the same-sex marriage measure has passed: The Capitol Hill Seattle Blog points out: Aaron Pickus, a spokesman for Mayor Mike McGinn, said Friday that eight municipal judges are donating their time to marry couples between noon and 5 p.m. on Dec. 9, three days after Referendum 74 takes effect.

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