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Sketched Dec. 23, 2015

Although I already posted a sketch of tower cranes decked out for the holidays the other day, I couldn’t resist adding another one to my illustrated journal.

This tower crane has one of the most inventive designs I have seen around. Red and white lights zig-zag their way to the top in a candy-cane pattern, making the monstrous piece of equipment look, oh, so delightful.

It is located at 1812 Boren Avenue, the site of a large development under construction known as Tilt49. (The project takes half a block between Howell and Stewart streets and it includes an 11-story office building and a 41-story residential tower. Hello, skyscrapers!)

To mark today’s festivity, let this brightly and colorfully illuminated tower crane stand for peace and joy in our city.

Merry Christmas!