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John Urquhart didn’t leave his job as spokesman of the King County Sheriff’s Office to get into politics.

He meant to retire, he said. Really.

But numerous entreaties from former colleagues at the Sheriff’s Office and people outside the department — including some county politicians — have caused him to rethink his plans.

“I didn’t leave the office to run for sheriff,” Urquhart said on Friday, “But people I like and respect, at all ranks, have called me and asked me to run. There’s some concern, and I think I owe it to them to at least consider it.” He declined to speak on the record about concerns relayed to him.

A decision will be a few months in the making, he said. The deadline to file is in mid-May for the election this fall.

Urquhart, who was known for his honesty and ruthless wit, left the Sheriff’s Office after 23 years, in September. He’d spent nearly half his career as the department’s media-relations officer.