The skate park was built without permission, in bird habitat, after a challenge issued by Nike SB and TransWorld SKATEboarding called for fans to build a new park or expand a current one. Removal began Tuesday.

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Seattle Parks and Recreation crews Tuesday began to break apart a skateboarding bowl constructed without permission on Duck Island in Green Lake earlier this year.

The Duck Island bowl was built by skate fans as part of a challenge issued from Nike SB and TransWorld SKATEboarding to build a skateboard park or expand an existing one. The skaters used a boat to haul supplies to the island, crafted a plywood mold and poured concrete by hand. The group captured the construction on video and performed some tricks for the camera, too. 

Workers on Tuesday were using a portable jackhammer connected to a generator to undo the skaters’ handiwork.

The debris will be removed by hand and transported to a floating barge before it goes to a dump site, parks department spokeswoman Kelly Brown said in an email.

The work was expected to take three to four days, she said. The project will cost about $33,000 for removal and restoration, Brown added.

The island is considered unofficial bird habitat.

“Crews first tried using only a sledgehammer, but that did not prove sufficient, so they had to resort to also using a jackhammer,” Brown wrote. “The birds are probably unhappy with us about the noise right now, but we know that they will be happy to reclaim their space once the skate park is removed.”