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Sketched Nov. 14, 2018

The view from this corner in the Denny Triangle was so different just a few years ago. Yet I’m already having a hard time remembering what was here: a motel, a car dealership, parking lots. Old-timers may want to refresh my memory about other changes around the Denny Regrade.

Now the core of the Amazon urban campus at Sixth Avenue and Lenora Street is almost finished. Only the bones of the top floors of the third tower remain visible as construction continues.

On a recent late afternoon, I watched the white unmarked shuttles that transport Amazon employees pull up to Day 1 and Doppler, Amazon’s imposing 37-story office towers. The much talked-about spheres where Amazonians retreat to think up innovative business ventures glowed in the dark, and a diverse crowd of office workers filled crosswalks and sidewalks.

Amazon has chosen sites in New York and Virginia for the expansion it announced 13 months ago. If you happen to live there, you may take a look at those areas. Soon you may have trouble remembering what was there.