On the eve of the Nov. 3 election, an anxious energy hangs in the air. So we wanted to take the collective temperature of our region to ask readers what’s at stake for them this election and find out, too, what they hope the next four years can bring.

We asked for your honesty, your hopes and your fears, and we got more responses than we ever expected — nearly 200, from Monroe to Montana, from Walla Walla to Arizona — capturing a wide swath of the political spectrum.

We heard from Peggy, who, at 91, is thinking less about what the election means for her and more about the world her great-grandchildren will inherit. From seventh-grader Julia, who said her future is on the line and doesn’t want to have to choose between returning to school or getting COVID-19. And from Tim, 46, who hopes divisive rhetoric can be dialed back so we can “find our way back to having civil discourse.”

You can explore a selection from the responses, categorized by some of the most common sentiments.