The Seattle area can expect temperatures in the high 40s on Sunday and Monday, with a 40 and 30 percent chance of rain, respectively.

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With much of the Midwest and East Coast enjoying unexpected sunny days and soaring temperatures, Seattle will be stuck with a familiar forecast: patches of sun broken by rain and, in scattered areas, snow showers that may fall throughout the week.

Sunday and Monday harbor the lowest chances of rain, 40 and 30 percent respectively, with temperatures expected in the high 40s. But on Tuesday, the first day of spring, the chance of rain is much higher, even as temperatures notch upward by a few degrees.

Wednesday and Thursday are expected to be equally gloomy, based on the extended forecast. The National Weather Service reports that snow showers could pelt some areas, primarily mountain foothills and the Hood Canal area. No accumulation is expected.

However, the payoff could arrive Friday, with mostly clear skies and temperatures in the upper 40s. Even then, forecasters warn, be prepared for scattered showers.