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Rachel Beckwith (Photo / AP – charity: water)

Rachel Beckwith, the 9-year-old Bellevue girl who sought to raise $300 to provide clean water to those in need, but whose untimely death moved readers to contribute more than $1.26 million, has been named the sole recipient of Rainworks Omnimedia’s Rainmaker of the Year 2012.

“As we look back at the world of impact and those who made rain for others this past year, we cannot think of anyone who had such a profound impact on a cause or moved others to get involved in a cause than Rachel,” Gail Vida Hamburg, founder of Rainworks, said in a prepared statement. “She is an inspiration to everyone in our mission-driven company, and we hope she will be remembered by children and young people everywhere as the kind of caring, thoughtful person we should all aspire to become.”

A month after creating her birthday page with charity:water in June 12, 2011, Rachel was fatally injured in a traffic accident. The outpouring by people touched by her selflessness was huge, with some 32,000 donating to her cause. And more than 63,000 people were helped by the contributions.

Today, of course, Rachel would have been 10 years old.

Her campaign at charity:water is now closed, but you can have a look at the details here.

Rainworks produces traveling exhibitions for science museums and supports clean water and literacy programs. Its annual Rainmakers List recognizes initiatives that address urgent social problems.