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Island County Prosecutor Greg Banks today said he considers the Washington State Patrol’s investigation into Snohomish County Executive Aaron Reardon to be incomplete until the executive is interviewed or says he doesn’t want to be.

So far, the State Patrol has not been able to schedule an interview with Reardon because of scheduling conflicts with the executive’s lawyer.

Banks will make a decision whether to charge Reardon, who has been under criminal investigation since the end of October.  This afternoon’s statement is Banks’ first public comment on the investigation, since the State Patrol’s report was delivered to his office Friday.

“It is my understanding that Mr. Reardon has not been interviewed yet, due to his and his attorney’s unavailability, and not because of a refusal to answer questions,” Banks wrote. “I know the investigating detectives hope to interview Mr. Reardon at his earliest availability. I do not know when that will be.”

Banks said he can’t discuss the case or release the investigation, since it’s incomplete.

” The already-published information concerning the allegations against Mr. Reardon far exceeds anything I could say about the case,” he wrote.