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Sketched June 2, 2017

Here’s a glimpse at life in the millennial lane in booming Seattle.

When Natasha Dunlap and her roommate found an ad for a $1,800-per-month studio apartment in the heart of South Lake Union last summer, they thought they had hit the jackpot. “We wanted it so badly,” she told me. “We snatched it right away.”

The 700-foot space was a dream come true for the young professionals launching their careers in Seattle. And not just for the view of the Space Needle and the modern design — wooden ceiling, polished concrete floor and semi-private deck. The VEER Lofts rental at Harrison Street and Ninth Avenue North was located within walking distance to their jobs, restaurants, places to shop, yoga classes — you name it, said Dunlap.

But a few weeks ago, just as they were about to renew their one-year lease, their dream of urban living came to a sudden end. When informed that the property would go up for sale for $460,000, they decided it was time to move to a neighborhood and brace for a daily commute. They couldn’t find any comparable, centrally located rental that would also allow pets.

“We are giving up the dream,” said a resigned Dunlap the day I stopped by her loft to sketch the view for posterity. “We are moving to Wedgwood.”

Seattle’s millennials are having to change homes faster than anywhere else in the country. Are you one of them? I’d love to hear your story and maybe make some sketches of your apartment before you get priced out. Email me at