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Starting tomorrow, the national competitive yoga championship starts in the Big Apple.

Uh, competitive yoga?

The National Yoga Asana Championship, which runs tomorrow through Sunday, is put together by United States Yoga Federation, a group that would like to see yoga become an Olympic sport.

One might think that competing at yoga goes against the grain of the activity itself, that is, attaining a state of spiritual insight and tranquility through meditation and physical movement.

According to The New York Times piece on the competition:

Before a panel of five judges, participants will have three minutes to perform seven postures, five required and two of their choice. In the youth division, participants ages 11 to 17 will perform six postures total. The top two finishers in each group — men, women and youth — will proceed to compete in the Bishnu Charan Ghosh Cup, the international championship held in Los Angeles in June.

According to an Associated Press piece, yoga competitions are held in 32 states, including Washington state.

The question remains: Should yoga become an Olympic sport? Take our poll.