Did you attend one of the women’s marches around the world? We want to hear from you.

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The multitudes who participated in Saturday’s women’s marches all over the world had many reasons for doing so. For some, it was the next chapter in a lifetime of activism. Others had been stirred to action for the first time.

The latter group has faced much criticism this week for only now deciding to speak up about something. While organizers took steps to make this event inclusive, mainstream feminism in general has historically excluded women of color, prioritizing the concerns and voices of white women. The record crowds on Saturday left many wondering, Where were all these people when we were protesting other injustices? And will they stand with us after today? (As Seattle-based writer and activist Ijeoma Oluo put it: “I’m glad you’re doing something. But…weren’t we worth it before?”)

It remains to be seen what will come next from this movement. Seattle Times columnist Nicole Brodeur pointed to a few suggestions, including from organizers of Seattle’s massive Womxn’s March.

Brodeur attended the largest march, in Washington, D.C., where feminist leader Gloria Steinem urged the crowd to “decide what we’re going to do tomorrow and tomorrow and tomorrow.”

So, we’d like to hear from you: What do you plan to do tomorrow? And tomorrow? What about tomorrow?