Many readers have wondered why we have not allowed comments on some stories about the sex-abuse allegations against Seattle's mayor. Here are the reasons.

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The Seattle Times periodically prohibits reader comments on selected stories. In the case of stories related to a recent lawsuit alleging that Seattle Mayor Ed Murray sexually abused teens in the 1980s, we’re taking a two-pronged approach.

We have closed comments on stories that focused on the accusations; we’ve left them open on stories about the political ramifications and legal strategy.

Some background: Seattle Times commenting threads draw criticism on all sides. Some readers believe we’re too restrictive; others, too lax. We attempt, within the limits of our resources, to allow discussion of the issues of the day while still upholding our terms of service, which forbid name-calling and personal attacks against the subjects or sources of our stories.

Ed Murray investigation

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In our experience, many articles generate hateful and offensive comments that outweigh any benefits of discussion — local stories about accusations of abuse are among them. Because these articles involve members of the community we serve — both the accusers and the accused — we frequently disallow commenting on them.

For more information, you can visit our FAQ page on commenting.