It’s an election like no other in American history, perhaps the most consequential of our lifetimes.

The heated rhetoric of a divided nation plays out in social media by the millisecond, and in the streets of our largest cities and smallest hamlets. This election comes as coronavirus continues to rip through the country, and when even wearing a mask has become a political statement. It arrives as children navigate a patchwork of remote lessons while many people call for schools to reopen. It comes as the economy is flailing, wildfires are burning and disinformation is rampant.

As Nov. 3 approaches, we want to mark this historic moment by publishing your thoughts, in your words. Whether you’re liberal or conservative, wealthy or struggling to get by, voting for the first time or a seasoned political enthusiast, anxious for a change of administrations or believe America is on the right track, we want to hear from all corners of our cultural landscape.

Please answer the following question in 150 words or less: What is at stake for you this election, and what is your hope for the next four years, even if your candidate doesn’t win?

Deadline is 6 p.m. Sunday, Oct. 25. We’ll publish a collection of responses online and in our Nov. 1 print edition and use your comments to fuel our reporting. 

If you run into trouble submitting your answer on the form below or if you are a student younger than 16, please email your submission to And students, in your submission, please include a name and contact information for one of your parental guardians. You can also call 206-464-3272 and leave us a voicemail.