Voters turn thumbs down in advisory votes on all three tax measures already approved by the Legislature and Gov. Jay Inslee

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Voters weighed three statewide advisory measures on taxes Tuesday, and rejected all three by overwhelming margins.

The three tax measures were approved this year by the Democrat-controlled state House and the Republican-held state Senate and signed by Gov. Jay Inslee.

The votes are advisory only — they don’t change the law either way.

Voters voiced their opinion on two bills enacted to help pay for Washington’s new two-year state operating budget and court-ordered K-12 school-funding plan:

• A property-tax shift that would increase state taxes by nearly $13 billion over 10 years. The legislation is intended to address the state Supreme Court’s McCleary decision, which found that Washington was unconstitutionally underfunding the state’s public schools. It was rejected in Advisory Vote No. 18 by 62 percent of voters.

• Closing a tax exemption on bottled water and narrowing another on extracted fuels that benefited oil refineries. That legislation also expanded collection of online sales taxes. Sixty-five percent of voters wanted HB 2163 repealed.

• The third advisory vote concerned an increase in revenue for Washington’s state wildlife account by increasing a tax related to certain commercial-fishing licenses. That measure, HB 1597, was rejected with 57 percent of voters calling for repeal.

Repealed 57%
Maintained 43%
Repealed 65%
Maintained 35%
Repealed 62%
Maintained 38%