Update:¬†You didn’t hesitate when we asked what questions you wanted Seattle’s City Council candidates to answer. We received about 500 responses in just 24 hours, and your top choices were clear.

We’ll use what we heard to help craft our coverage leading up to the Aug. 6 primary election.

Top 3 yes/no questions:

  • Does Seattle need a larger police force?
  • Does Seattle have enough tax revenue to address homelessness?
  • Are Seattle’s largest businesses paying the city enough in taxes?

Top 3 short-answer questions:

  • How would you change Seattle’s approach to homeless camping?
  • How should Seattle deal with people who cycle between jail and the streets, repeatedly committing low-level crimes?
  • What is Seattle spending too much money on?

You can view all the results, including your write-in questions, here.

With 56 candidates across seven districts and less than three months before the Aug. 6 primary election, you may be wondering how to make sense of this summer’s Seattle City Council races.

We want to help. The Seattle Times will soon be asking all of the candidates to answer a number of questions about their ideas and their backgrounds.

But first, we want to hear from you. Do you plan to vote based on what the candidates in your district say about taxes? Homelessness? Bike lanes?


Meet the candidates running for Seattle City Council in 2019

Tell us below what questions most interest you. We’ll use your top choices to help craft our coverage.


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