Seattle City Councilmember Tammy Morales will seek a second term when her seat is on the ballot in November.

Morales, among the council’s most progressive members, has represented Seattle’s District 2, which includes Beacon Hill, Mount Baker and Rainier Valley, since 2020, after she won a seven-candidate primary with 50% of the vote.

While in office, Morales has advocated for alternative emergency responses, tenants rights and transportation safety.

Seattle City Council members at a council meeting last week.  (Daniel Kim / The Seattle Times)
Seattle politics seem to deter council members from seeking reelection

If reelected, she says she’ll focus on environmental policies, affordable housing and reducing pedestrian fatalities in South Seattle.

“I want people to be able to pay the rent and still be able to take their kids to the movie. I want people to be able to walk to the grocery store and not worry about getting hit [while] crossing the street,” Morales said Wednesday morning at Plaza Roberto Maestas — El Centro de la Raza in Beacon Hill, emphasizing the importance of neighborhoods.


Morales identified herself as a part of the city’s “progressive activism,” and committed to advocating for the unhoused, people of color and others disproportionately impacted by the pandemic and other stressors.

Seven of the city’s nine council seats are up for election in November, ahead of incumbents’ terms ending Dec. 31. The two citywide positions are up for election in 2025.

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So far, four incumbent council members — Lisa Herbold (District 1), Kshama Sawant (District 3), Alex Pederson (District 4), and Council President Debora Juarez (District 5) — have indicated they will not seek reelection.

Morales said she does not “begrudge” her colleagues who are leaving, and that it’s a tough job, but believes she can effect change.

“Despite the increasing cynicism in the city, I still believe that a better future is possible and I look forward to working with our community members on behalf of our city,” she said.

Only Morales and District 7 Councilmember Andrew Lewis have announced reelection campaigns.

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