Chief Justice Barbara Madsen was elected to the court in 1992. Two other justices are up for re-election in November’s general election.

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Supreme Court Chief Justice Barbara Madsen will face Greg Zempel, the Kittitas County prosecutor, in November’s election.

Zempel, who is serving his sixth term as prosecutor, along with a disbarred lawyer ran against Madsen in the only race for a Supreme Court seat on the primary ballot.

Madsen showed a strong lead over challenger Zempel in Tuesday’s primary. Only in Kittitas County did a majority of voters choose the Kittitas County prosecutor over the incumbent.

Justices Mary Yu and Charles Wiggins will also be up for re-election in the general election. Justices are elected to six-year terms.

Key races


Madsen was elected to the court in 1992 and became chief justice in 2010.

Zempel has also served as the president of the Washington Association of County Officials and the Washington Association of Prosecuting Attorneys.

The race’s third candidate is disbarred lawyer John “Zamboni” Scannell. The High Court disbarred him in 2010 for obstructing the Washington State Bar’s investigation into his relationship with several clients.

The advocacy group Stand for Children spent $116,000 last month on independent expenditures supporting Zempel, an effort to defeat Madsen, who authored last year’s decision declaring privately run, publicly funded charter schools unconstitutional.