In an interview with KOMO News, Susan Hutchison blamed the Democratic Party and the former president for Trump’s 2005 comments in which he brags about making unwanted sexual advances toward women.

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Washington state GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison was among the few who excused Donald Trump’s sexually charged remarks released Friday. She blamed former President Clinton and the Democratic Party for the celebrity businessman’s behavior.

After calling Trump’s comments “repulsive to me and all decent people,” Hutchison in an interview with KOMO News blamed Trump’s political affiliation at the time of the 2005 recording for his remarks. She later took to Twitter to reiterate her point.

“He [Trump] was a Democrat at the time and he was channeling Bill Clinton,” Hutchison said. “And the hypocrisy of Hillary Clinton to say this man does not belong in the White House, when her husband defined this behavior, is just absurd.”

Hutchison’s comments Friday were not the first time she caught national attention regarding Trump. The former Seattle television news anchor made news in July, too, after confronting Texas Sen. Ted Cruz at the 2016 Republican National Convention for failing to endorse Trump.

Trump’s lewd comments, first published by The Washington Post, features him bragging in vulgar language about kissing, groping and attempting to have sex with women who were not his wife. “When you’re a star, they let you do it,” he says in the recording.

The release generated an outpouring of condemnations from Republican leaders across the country. Spokane’s Cathy McMorris Rodgers, the highest-ranking Republican woman in Congress, for example, rebuked Trump for the profane comments.

And Chris Vance, running against Democratic Sen. Patty Murray this election, released a statement saying that “this wasn’t just ‘locker-room talk,’ ” and calling Trump’s behavior inexcusable.

Vance’s statement continues:

“And for those who point out the behavior of the Clintons, I would remind them that once upon a time Republicans believed that character matters and such misconduct disqualifies one from holding the nation’s highest office.”

In a late-night apology, Trump said the profane comments “don’t reflect” the man he is today. But he, too, cited the Clintons, saying the former president “has actually abused women” and that Hillary has “bullied, attacked, shamed and intimidated his victims.”