State GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison says Ted Cruz “redeemed himself” by endorsing Donald Trump. But some die-hard local Cruz supporters say they’re still not ready to support Trump.

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Texas Sen. Ted Cruz’s abrupt about-face endorsement of Donald Trump on Friday left some local Cruz supporters disappointed and unwilling to follow suit.

But it came as welcome news to state GOP Chairman Susan Hutchison, who famously denounced Cruz as a “traitor” for withholding his endorsement during a speech at the Republican National Convention.

“We believe all people can be redeemed, unlike Hillary Clinton,” Hutchison said. “We think Ted Cruz redeemed himself.”

Some grass roots conservative activists who campaigned for Cruz here disagree.

“I was really disappointed,” said Jennifer Fetters, of Bellevue, a Cruz supporter who was a delegate to the RNC in Cleveland in July.

“His endorsement, ever, would not have necessarily changed how I would vote on Trump, personally, but his endorsement today came across as a slap in the face,” she said.

She said she still doubts Trump is a constitutional conservative or a Christian.

Fetters added she was still in the “never Trump” camp, and considering becoming #NeverCruz too.

Saul Gamoran, a Mercer Island attorney who served as Cruz’s state campaign chairman, said he still has no intention of voting for Trump.

“Today’s announcement does not change my view toward the election,” Gamoran said in an email. He added he doesn’t know how he’ll mark his ballot: “Not voting for Trump. Haven’t thought beyond that.”

Fetters too is unsure who will get her vote. “If I had to vote by tomorrow I would leave that one blank,” she said.

Hutchison said Cruz’s decision was a good sign, and she predicted additional GOP holdouts will come around.

“I think it was appropriate and I’m not surprised. He is a smart man and I expect more of these to be coming as the days go on,” she said.