From a field of 21 candidates, just two will make it to the general election for Seattle mayor on Nov. 7. Here's what else is on the primary-election ballot, which must be dropped off or postmarked today.

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Time is ticking down before ballots are due.

Here’s what’s at stake:

Seattle will choose its top two candidates for replacing Mayor Ed Murray, who announced in May he is stepping away from city politics at the end of his term amid allegations of child sexual abuse.

Here’s an interactive guide for exploring the 21 mayoral candidates’ stances and backgrounds, and profiles of leading candidates Jenny Durkan, Jessyn Farrell, Bob Hasegawa, Mike McGinn, Cary Moon and Nikkita Oliver.

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Beyond the mayoral race, Seattle voters will narrow the field of City Council candidates, too.

Numerous candidates are running to succeed Councilmember Tim Burgess for Position 8. And incumbent M. Lorena González wants to keep her post, but faces six challengers for Position 9.

Voters will also make selections for seats on the Port of Seattle Commission and Seattle School Board. Here’s another interactive voter guide, which compares those folks who want to run the city’s schools.

Outside of Seattle, power in the state Senate could hinge on this Eastside race, and Bellevue voters will make their top choices for an open City Council seat. Three candidates are vying for Snohomish County Council spots, too.

Also, a proposed sales-tax increase of 0.1 percent — a penny for every $10 spent — is on the ballot in King County. The proposed increase would raise an estimated $67.4 million a year for about 350 arts, science and culture organizations.

21 candidates for Seattle mayor? Here’s how that happened:

Lawyer and activist Nikkita Oliver launched the first high-profile campaign against Ed Murray in March. Murray at that time was seeking a second term.

Weeks later, sexual-abuse allegations against Murray shook the political landscape, and urban planner Cary Moon and former mayor Mike McGinn quickly added their names to the race.

Murray ended his re-election campaign on May 9.

That’s when about a dozen candidates, including state Sen. Bob Hasegawa, registered campaigns.

Former U.S. Attorney Jenny Durkan and state Rep. Jessyn Farrell, D-Seattle, announced their bids a few days later.

Here’s how those leading candidates performed in a televised debate and reacted to the sexual-abuse allegations against Murray, and a look at how Harley Lever’s candidacy has resonated with a particular base.

Also, here’s audio of what some Seattle voters think about the race.

Other mayoral candidates include Gary Brose and Casey Carlisle, Republican and Libertarian alternatives in a race dominated by Democrats; James Norton, a police officer; and Michael Harris, a video journalist and whale conservationist appealing to moderates.

After Tuesday’s primary, winning candidates will have 97 days to prove themselves to voters before the general election on Nov. 7.