Seattle Mayor Ed Murray signed an executive order Thursday instructing his Office of Civil Rights to work on providing safe spaces for transgender people.

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Mayor Ed Murray signed an executive order Thursday instructing the Seattle Office of Civil Rights to develop guidelines and training for city staff members on how best to provide safe spaces for transgender and gender-diverse people.

The order also instructs the office to continue notifying businesses about legislation passed last yearrequiring restaurants, coffee shops, stores and other public businesses to have signage making it clear their single-occupancy restrooms are gender-inclusive — open to anyone, regardless of sex or gender identity.

The office will develop the new guidelines and training in coordination with community-based organizations such as the Pride Foundation, a news release said.

“City facilities must be safe and welcoming places for all residents, including transgender and gender-diverse people,” Murray said in the release. “Staff will have the training they need to understand our ordinances and state laws that protect the rights of transgender people and protect them from harassment and violence.”

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Washington’s Senate last month rejected a bill that would have repealed a state rule guaranteeing transgender people access to multiple-occupancy restrooms consistent with their gender identity. The bill’s proponents have since filed a ballot initiative.