Reporters Jim Brunner and Daniel Beekman unveil their winner and loser of the week in local politics and then discuss the state of Seattle's bike-share system with City Councilmember Lisa Herbold and Seattle Bike Blog editor Tom Fucoloro.

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Can Seattle’s beleaguered bike-share system work if it goes all electric, or is it a waste of taxpayer dollars? And what do “Block the Bunker” activists want next now that Mayor Ed Murray and the City Council hit the pause button on a new $149 million North Precinct police station?

Find out on The Overcast, the weekly Seattle Times podcast in which we gab about politics with people in and behind the news.

Episode 3 debates the viability of bike-share in Seattle and spotlights activists who want to stop the city from spending more money on the police department.

  • At 1:15, we hear a “Block-the-Bunker” activist warn the council that “we’re not going to stop” with opposing an expensive new North Precinct station. He says the movement wants to keep the city from growing its police force.
  • At 5:13, Seattle Bike Blog editor Tom Fucoloro says despite the city’s fumbling so far, bike-share “absolutely can work here.” He says more stations are needed.
  • But at 11:35, Fucoloro calls himself “originally, an electric-bike skeptic” and explains why.
  • Finally, we get on the phone with Seattle City Councilmember Lisa Herbold, a bike-share skeptic. At 19:52, she says it’s hard for her to understand why other council members thought it made sense to buy the failing Pronto system. “I absolutely support subsidizing public transit, but that doesn’t mean I’m sold on the idea that this form of public transit is ready for prime time.”

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