Reporters Jim Brunner and Daniel Beekman examine where Gov. Jay Inslee and challenger Bill Bryant stand on calls from many Democrats for a Washington state income tax. Then Pramila Jayapal and Brady Walkinshaw, rival Seattle-area candidates for Congress, attempt to out-progressive each other.

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This week, Hofstra University hosted Hillary vs. Donald. Seattle University had Jay vs. Bill. And The Overcast served up Pramila vs. Brady.

In Episode 4 of our weekly Seattle Times political podcast, we delve into Monday’s gubernatorial debate between Democratic incumbent Jay Inslee and Republican challenger Bill Bryant.

Then we squeeze into a tiny conference room to talk with 7th Congressional District rivals Pramila Jayapal and Brady Walkinshaw.

Plus, Seattle’s walk and bike safety activists get a shout-out.

  • At 0:39, we crown winners and losers in politics. Congratulations to Seattle cyclists and pedestrians. They saw the City Council approve lower speed limits Monday. And condolences to people who want a state income tax. During Monday’s gubernatorial debate, Inslee and Bryant both opposed the idea. We play a clip from the debate at 1:40, then discuss the issue.
  • At 6:25, we sit down with the general-election candidates in the 7th Congressional District race. Pramila Jayapal and Brady Walkinshaw are vying for what we half-jokingly call a “seat for life.” Retiring U.S. Rep. Jim McDermott was first elected in 1988.
  • At 13:45, Walkinshaw says it’s time to reconsider how the U.S. Supreme Court interprets the Second Amendment. “I don’t believe we should be able to purchase assault weapons in this country.”
  • We encourage the candidates to criticize each other at 15:50, but they mostly refuse. “There are 435 members of Congress. We’re only electing one whose job is to represent the needs we have here at home,” Walkinshaw says, portraying himself as more locally-minded. Jayapal responds, “This is the United States Congress, not the City Council.”
  • And at 23:00, when we ask about the Trans Pacific Partnership trade pact, Jayapal declares, “I really believe that the trade agreements we have are bad.”

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