Reporters Jim Brunner and Daniel Beekman talk to experts about the homelessness crisis, Seattle's proposed secure scheduling law and the latest in the fight for adequate education funding in Washington.

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Welcome to The Overcast, a weekly Seattle Times podcast in which we talk local politics with people in the news — and behind the news.

Episode 2 focuses on a proposed “secure scheduling” law and Seattle’s homelessness crisis:

  • At 2:50, we chat with former Starbucks president Howard Behar, who says Seattle’s looming “secure scheduling” ordinance will be a nightmare for businesses. (Behar also says the ordinance is proof that SEIU President David Rolf — not Mayor Ed Murray — really runs Seattle.)
  • At 13:27 we hear from Oliver Savage, a Starbucks employee who says the scheduling law would improve workers’ lives.
  • At 19:12, we interview Working Washington executive director Sejal Parikh, who helped develop the scheduling law.
  • Finally, at 25:20, we look at Seattle Mayor Ed Murray’s frustrations with the city’s homelessness crisis: “It is an area where I have to admit I have failed.”

And ICYMI, the first episode is below. (That’s right: in this post, you get two, two, two podcasts in one!) That one has more on homelessness, as well as a discussion of the McCleary case in the state Supreme Court over Washington’s underfunded public schools.

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Thanks, and have a cloudy day.