We rehash 2016's top stories in local politics, including a state Department of Corrections controversy, Seattle feeling the Bern and a $54 billion mass-transit measure.

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Remember when state Department of Corrections head Dan Pacholke suddenly resigned, citing a Republican lawmakers’ “need for blood?”

Recall Seattle Mayor Ed Murray rushing straight from a televised speech about combating homelessness to the scene of a deadly shooting in The Jungle, the series of homeless encampments under Interstate 5?

It may seem like those headlines broke a lifetime ago. But both were in January, and both earn mentions as we discuss 2016’s biggest stories in local politics.

Rounding out that conversation:

At 15:30, we reveal the local politics stories you – our readers – clicked on the most in 2016.

And at 17:10, we try to put the year behind us by guessing at local politicans’ New Year’s resolutions for 2017.

The state Legislature is vowing to clean up its schools-funding mess, Murray is telling himself he can win re-election and Seattle City Councilmember Rob Johnson has his sights set on upzoning the University District.

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