State Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski joins Episode 82 of The Overcast to talk about the midterms, Donald Trump and Jay Inslee's 2020 prospects.

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Do Democrats have a message for the 2018 midterms beyond bashing President Trump? Do they have a shot at flipping two congressional seats long held by Republicans? And what about Gov. Jay Inslee’s 2020 plans? Or Howard Schultz’s?

On Episode 82 of The Overcast, hosts Jim Brunner and Daniel Beekman sit down with state Democratic Party Chair Tina Podlodowski about the big 2018 midterm races across Washington state. (State Republican Party Chairman Caleb Heimlich offered his take last week.)

Podlodowski grew up in Connecticut, worked at Microsoft in the 1990s and served a term on the Seattle City Council. She was elected chair of the Democratic Party last year. Part of her pitch was to compete in places Democrats had all but given up on, and the party has fielded candidates in many such places this year.

“We are running terrific candidates in 97 of 98 house races and 23 of 24 state senate races,” Podlodowsi says.

“And 70 percent of my new candidates are women or people of color or folks from the LGBTQ or a combination of one two or all three of those,” she adds. “Time after time, the Republicans, they have got the same old white guy who is running in those races and I think we are going to be incredibly effective.”

Democrats are clinging to slim majorities in both houses of the state Legislature. They’re hoping to expand those, even as Republicans believe they can pick up seats in some rural Democratic-held districts.

Also tossed about in the discussion:

  • Do Democrats intend to impeach Trump if they get control of Congress?
  • What about a newly leaked poll in the 8th Congressional District showing potential trouble for the Democrats in beating Dino Rossi?
  • What does Podlodowski think of Seattle’s controversial “head tax?”
  • What’s her message to Starbucks emperor Howard Schultz on his 2020 presidential aspirations, if he is listening to this podcast? (Hint: pick up the phone, Howard!)

The episode was recorded at the Seattle studios of public radio 88.5 FM KNKX, in an ongoing partnership.

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