How Washington's members of Congress responding to President Trump's much-condemned equivocation on the racist violence in Charlottesville? And what lies ahead for Seattle's Jenny Durkan vs. Cary Moon mayoral race?

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How did Washington’s congressional delegation – especially the Republicans – respond to President Trump’s “both sides” take on the deadly white nationalist rally in Charlottesville, Va.?

And how will the Jenny Durkan versus Cary Moon Seattle mayoral race play out now that all the votes have been counted in the primary?

On Episode 50 of The Overcast, the Seattle Times weekly politics podcast, political consultant and Equal Rights Washington board chair Monisha Harrell joins Times political reporters Jim Brunner and Dan Beekman to try to makes some sense of another frenzied week in local and national politics.

As part of an ongoing partnership, this episode was recorded at the Seattle studios of public radio’s 88.5 KNKX with the help of reporter Simone Alicea.

First, we examine the reaction to Charlottesville from Washington’s congressional representatives – including statements from Republicans denouncing white supremacist violence – but avoiding direct criticism of Trump. Also on the podcast is a look at GOP chairman Susan Hutchison’s response, including her efforts to distance the party from a WSU College Republican leader who marched with white nationalists in Charlottesville.

The second half of the podcast pivots to local politics for a look at how Moon and Durkan’s possible paths to victory in the Seattle mayoral race. Who can can pick up third place finisher Nikkita Oliver’s voters? Will former state Rep. Jessyn Farrell, who finished fourth, offer a key endorsement?

What does a Seattle Times analysis of precinct-level primary results portend? What advice would Harrell offer the candidates?

To complete a perfect podcast circle, Harrell even brings a Trump-Clinton analogy into the mayoral race. Is it fair? Well, you’re just going to have to listen to decide.

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