State elections officials say Washington isn’t among the 39 states reportedly targeted by Russian hackers trying to access voter databases and software.

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OLYMPIA — Did Russia’s alleged cyber attack on American voting systems hit the Evergreen state? Nyet, says the Washington Secretary of State’s Office.

A Bloomberg News report this week said that hackers during the 2016 elections hit voting software systems and databases in 39 states.

Those attacks included trying to manipulate voter data and target Election Day software intended for use by poll workers, according to the report. At least one state also saw its campaign-finance system targeted.

Washington has “rigorous security systems in place to prevent these kinds of cyber attacks,” said Erich Ebel, spokesman for the Secretary of State’s Office. “As of now, we have no confirmed reports of our system being compromised and we don’t expect any.”

Washington also doesn’t contract with a Florida company that handles voter systems, and that, according to the Bloomberg News report, has seen traces of hacking.

“This is not a vendor used in Washington state and we have no reports of attempted phishing related to this incident,” Ebel wrote.