Jenny Durkan holds onto a firm first-place finish in the primary, but the fight for a second spot in the Nov. 7 general election just got more interesting.

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It’s still not certain who will go up against Jenny Durkan for mayor in the Nov. 7 general election.

The latest vote count Friday showed Nikkita Oliver gaining ground against Cary Moon.

Moon, an urban planner, had a 2,235-vote lead over Oliver, an educator and lawyer. That’s down from Moon’s Thursday’s advantage of 2,578 votes, and means a gain for Oliver of 343 votes.

2017 Seattle mayoral race

Even before the results came in Friday, Oliver had not conceded. “It’s not over till it’s over,” read a Facebook post by her campaign, which planned a series of meetups around the city to “chase ballots.” Volunteers are going to people whose ballot signatures have been challenged by King County Elections, which matches them to signatures the department has on record. Oliver volunteers are encouraging voters to fill out a form that will resolve the issue.

Disqualified ballots often disproportionately affect young people, immigrants and working-class people, said Oliver’s campaign.

Moon and Durkan both said they agreed, and supported the effort to reach out to voters with challenged ballots.

In an emailed statement, Moon sent out a link to an online sign-up form for Oliver’s ballot-chasing effort. “Rushing forward to claim a decisive outcome while some ballots are in limbo would only create distrust,” Moon said.

Friday’s count left Moon with 17.38 percent of the vote, Oliver with 16.05 percent and Durkan with 28.7 percent.

King County Elections reports about 14,000 Seattle ballots on hand, still to be counted. Countywide, about 24,000 to 25,000 ballots have arrived at the elections office and are expected to be included in Monday’s tabulation.

No new numbers will be released over the weekend.