Here are Republican candidate Loren Culp’s positions on some of issues in the 2020 gubernatorial race, drawn from interviews and his campaign website:

COVID-19: Culp would reopen schools and businesses and end mask mandates. “You know, the elderly are the most vulnerable. And we need to protect those people, but I’m not worried about catching the virus. 99.8% of people recover from it.”

Climate change: Culp downplays climate change and opposes government efforts to subsidize clean energy. “I don’t want government picking winners or losers in the energy sector … the free enterprise system is great at finding solutions.”

Drugs: Attributing the homelessness crisis to addiction, Culp supports arrests and mandatory treatment. “The left says that it’s not compassionate, to put an addict in jail. But I found exactly the opposite of being true. … It takes that boot in the butt to get people headed down the right path.”

Unions: Unlike some conservatives, Culp expresses support for unions and says he would not support a “Right to Work” law. “I believe in the value and importance of collective bargaining and I believe an honest day’s work is worth an honest day’s wage.”

Taxes: Culp says he will veto tax increases and would cut the state budget to deal with any deficit. “I’m tired of seeing the Olympia establishment using various types of ‘crisis’ to justify raising taxes.

Jim Brunner