Property-tax increases in Federal Way will be less than King County Assessor John Wilson previously said.

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Federal Way can breathe a bit easier ahead of property-tax bills being sent out next month.

For a story Monday, King County Assessor John Wilson told The Seattle Times there would be a 21.1 percent increase in the tax bill for the owner of a home of median assessed value in Federal Way ($301,000), compared with last year ($270,000).

He said the bump would be $794.

Those numbers were wrong, Wilson’s office confirmed Wednesday after Federal Way Public Schools officials expressed concern.

Wilson should have said there would be an increase of 11.5 percent, or $434, according to his office. He made a mistake.

Last year, the bill for a home of median-assessed value in Federal Way was $3,761, according to the assessor’s office. This year, it will be $4,195.

“It’s very important that accurate information is provided to our Federal Way Public Schools voters,” district Superintendent Tammy Campbell said in a statement.

The error particularly bothered Federal Way Public Schools officials because voters will decide in a special election Feb. 13 whether to renew the district’s expiring Educational Programs & Operations levy.

The assessor’s office compares the bill for a median-valued home this year to the bill of a median-valued home last year.

For instance, when Wilson says there will be a tax increase of 16.9 percent or $825 for a median-valued home in Seattle ($597,000), he isn’t saying the owner of that particular home will necessarily pay $825 more than what was paid last year. That particular home may not have been a median-valued home last year ($528,000).

Another caveat: The assessor uses homes of median value to give people a sense of where taxes are heading because the median is the middle value in a list of numbers.

Bills are set to be mailed in mid-February.