Citing wildfires, drought conditions and ocean acidification, Gov. Jav Inslee is calling for the upcoming special legislative session to deal with environmental issues.

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OLYMPIA — Citing last year’s record-setting wildfires, continuing drought conditions, and ocean acidification, Gov. Jav Inslee called Wednesday for an upcoming special legislative session to address environmental issues.

“So far, legislators have an absolute goose egg when it comes to doing anything for the environment this year,” said Inslee. “I know that we can do better than that.”

State lawmakers appear to be heading into a special session — the regular session is scheduled to end Sunday — without agreements on an operating budget, a transportation package or property-tax levy reform.

The governor called on legislators to also address carbon pollution, oil-train safety and toxic chemicals in the special session.

Inslee may find little sympathy on carbon pollution from Senate Republicans. GOP senators have resisted the governor’s proposed tax on carbon polluters and put language into the transportation package that seeks to limit Inslee’s ability to implement low-carbon fuel standards.