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There are now 39 City Council campaigns registered with the Seattle Ethics and Elections Commission, four more than there were just two weeks ago, when political observers called the 2015 crop of candidates larger and more diverse than usual.

Keep track of the hopefuls and explore the demographics of Seattle’s new districts here as the city moves to geographic representation for seven of  nine council seats.

Blink and you might miss a new development. Jonathan Grant, executive director of the Tenants Union of Washington, announced his candidacy for the council’s citywide 8th Position this week.

Current Council President Tim Burgess is running for the same seat, as are John Persak, David Trotter and Alex Tsimerman. Grant had previously registered a campaign but hadn’t settled on which position to seek.

The fundraising leaders in each district currently are:

1st District: Lisa Herbold — $14,915

2nd District: Bruce Harrell — $78,957

3rd District: Kshama Sawant — $24,332

4th District: Jean Godden — $47,678

5th District: Sandy Brown — $35,753

6th District: Catherine Weatbrook — $6,029

7th District: Sally Bagshaw — $43,451

8th Position (citywide) Tim Burgess — $79,445

9th Position (citywide) Lorena González — $23,855

Funds will be important for the candidates as they ramp up their campaigns over the next few months — but less so than in past years, perhaps. District candidates have fewer voters to win over than citywide candidates.

One campaign contribution of note: super-rich Seattle venture capitalist and big-time Democratic donor Nick Hanauer last November gave $700, the maximum amount allowed, to 5th District candidate Sandy Brown. Hanauer’s wife, Leslie, also gave $700. Hanauer and Brown, a former Methodist pastor, were both involved in last year’s successful campaign to pass Initiative 594, which expanded background checks for gun sales. The Hanauers live in the 5th District.

This story has been corrected. The original version listed the wrong candidate as the fundraising leader in the 1st District.