Bruce Harrell and M. Lorena González were the clear winners in Seattle’s Aug. 3 mayoral primary, each earning 30%-plus in a crowded race with more than a dozen candidates.

But they pulled support from different neighborhoods, according to precinct-level results from the ballots that were counted on election night.

Harrell fared best in many well-off precincts near Lake Washington and Puget Sound. The neighborhoods where he fared best included Laurelhurst, Blue Ridge, Magnolia, Madison Park, Seward Park and waterfront West Seattle. North Capitol Hill, south Beacon Hill and Rainier Beach were also Harrell strongholds.

González fared best in dense, interior neighborhoods with more renters, like lower Queen Anne, south Capitol Hill, central Ballard, Fremont, the Central District, Columbia City and Delridge.

Bruce Harrell, M. Lorena González eye November race after dominating Seattle’s mayoral primary

The results from election night, released Friday, don’t tell the whole story, because they represent less than half of the total votes cast in the primary and because González gained ground last week as additional votes were tallied. Harrell led González 35% to 31% Friday, versus 38% to 29% on election night.

But election officials won’t release precinct-level results for the total votes in the primary until Aug. 18, and the basic geography of the race is unlikely to change too much based on the additional data.

Though González will look stronger across the board in the updated precinct-level results and may overtake Harrell in some precincts, the initial results show which neighborhoods each of the candidates can probably rely on in the general election Nov. 2.