Bob Hasegawa and Jessyn Farrell are the Seattle mayoral candidates most popular with the city’s Democratic Party legislative-district organizations.

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Nearly every Democratic Party legislative-district organization with territory in Seattle has made an endorsement decision ahead of the city’s Aug. 1 mayoral primary, with Bob Hasegawa and Jessyn Farrell picking up the most support.

The groups are made up mostly of Democratic Party activists and insiders.

Seattle elections are nonpartisan but the electorate is heavily Democratic.

Hasegawa won an endorsement in his home district Tuesday night from the 11th District Democrats, whose territory covers much of Beacon Hill.

The state senator also has an endorsement from the 37th District Democrats, whose territory includes the Central District, Chinatown International District and Southeast Seattle.

Both he and Farrell are endorsed by the 46th District Democrats in Northeast Seattle.

And Hasegawa, Cary Moon and Mike McGinn all have been endorsed by the 32nd District Democrats in Northwest Seattle.

Farrell, a former state representative, has earned an endorsement from the 43rd District Democrats, whose territory includes downtown, Capitol Hill and Wallingford.

Neither the 36th District Democratson Queen Anne and Magnolia nor the 34th District Democrats in West Seattle has made an endorsement.

The 36th Dems are waiting until after the primary, while the 34th Dems voted this month against an endorsement decision. They may endorse at their July meeting.

The King County Young Democrats endorsed Farrell, but there has been no endorsement from King County Democrats.

There will be 21 candidates for mayor on the primary ballot.

This story has been updated to reflect that the 34th District Democrats will again consider endorsing in the mayoral race at their July meeting.